2020 Survey

Please take this fun survey (anonymously)  and will publish the results in several weeks

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1)   Did you enjoy your high school experience?

  Just OK
2)   Highest Degree you obtained? (if applicable)

3)   Do you feel you are more or less successful than others in your class?

4)   Do you still have a crush on your high school sweetheart?

5)   How many high school friends do you STILL have consistent contact with?

  A bunch of them
6)   Have you been to any reunions?

  We haven't had any
7)   Have you gone back to your yearbook and read your secret ambition? Did you accomplish it?

  Never had one
  Some day I hope to
8)   If I could go back and do it all over again, I would have? (keep short)

9)   What advice do you have for incoming freshmen going to high school now? (keep it short)

10)   Which teacher influenced you the most? and why?

11)   What is the main reason you use the Alumni site?

12)   How often do you log on to the Alumni site?

  Once in a while
13)   Is there any suggestion you would make to improve our Alumni site?