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Alfred Cappello (Class of 1999) Son Dominic needs your help

Please give what you can to help support the Cappello family as they begin treatment for their 6-year-old son, Dominic. Dominic has been diagnosed with Medulloblastoma. Let’s all support and pray for Dom and his family as they navigate this. #DOMinate. 

A letter from Lynn Cappello (Dom's mom)

This is one of the most difficult posts for us to make. Never in our life did we think we would ever be writing a post like this. Two days after Christmas we brought our 6 year old son to the ER for vomiting, headache and neck pain. Within a few hours we were told that Dominic had a brain tumor. Our lives changed in seconds. Dominic had a drain placed to relieve the pressure in his brain and one day later underwent a 6 hour long brain surgery to remove the tumor. Dominic spent two weeks in the PICU. He endured so much pain, so many tests, so many doctors, just so much. Dominic came home not being able to walk on his own and with much weakness in the right arm and leg. Since then we have learned the tumor is malignant and Dominic has medulloblastoma. He has been in physical therapy to learn to walk on his own again and get as strong as he can before treatment starts. Dominic has a very very long road ahead of him. He will need daily radiation for 6 weeks and then chemotherapy for about 9 months.

If you know Dominic, you know that he is a like-able and easy going kid. He is quiet and observant. He truly loves his siblings and being with his family. Dominic loves sports, trick shots, fishing, hiking, and anything outdoors.

To say this kid is one of the strongest kids we know is an understatement. There are a ton of things on a list that a 6 year old should never go through and he has checked off many of them already. He is strong. He is determined. He is resilient. He is a true warrior that never backs down. Through all of his fear, Dominic goes to every appointment and every procedure and just wants to get it done.

The amount of support from everyone has been so overwhelming and extremely appreciated. We cannot thank everyone enough for all of the texts, calls, cards, food, gifts and prayers.

Please keep praying for our boy.