New Page.....PV Stories
We are going to create a page for FUN THINGS that happened on the grounds at PV DURING school.
If you would like to participate, please write a SHORT STORY and submit it.
It could be a funny story about a fellow student,class situation,teacher,athletic event,food fight etc.
Please nothing derogatory or embarassing to others! Just FUN INCIDENTS. 

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From:  Harry Owens
For Year:  1972

It's been a long time but I got involved in a project, in the cafeteria a group would block the view of the big air intake in the corner by the parking lot and remove the grate and some would gather up a stack of food trays and put them in the vent then replace the grate. We got pretty fast and did it each day untill a memo came out that there was a shortage of trays. Well this created a small problem to get the food out. I was class of 73 but it was some seniors heading it up the senior vice president Dave Dhuyvetter might have had a hand in that one. We were best friends untill his death in 2011. So let's blame the one that's not around. Miss you Dave. Harry Owens


Submitted by: Joseph Tafuni Class of 1977
I was a member of the PV 1975 football squad. I was a junior that year and unfortunately many of us didn't get much action because of the outstanding play by the seniors. But we did have a special game day tradition by calling ourselves the "Pivot Squad". Our group of juniors would kneel down all on the same knee until one member of the group shouted out "Pivot". We would all stand up and kneel down on the opposite knee as instructed by the leader! 


Thinking about my four years at PV ending with graduation in June, 1957 (ancient history), the many field trips (and the faculty who chaperoned us) stand out in my memories: * With the PV Commercial Club, we spent a day touring NYC with lunch at the Taft Hotel where the band leader's (Vincent Lopez?) music was broadcast over the radio, and one of my friends (Dottie Amento) actually sang as part of that day's broadcast! * With the PV band, I saw my first live theater at the Paper Mill Playhouse: "South Pacific!" * Also with the PV band, I attended a rehearsal of Arturo Toscanini's orchestra in NYC. * And the very best field trip of all was with the PV band to Washington, DC, for a couple days -- never found out until many years later about the guys cutting up during the nights we were there! -- our poor chaperones! Without the willingness of the PV faculty to accompany us, none of these activities would have been possible. As another example of PV's faculty 'going the extra mile,' as a member of the cast of our class's senior play, "The Curious Savage," in the fall of 1956, I needed a couple wardrobe changes, and our director, Miss Adra Tiessen, gave me a couple of her dresses to wear on stage! She was also our advisor for PV's TryHiY Club. For Valley Varieties one year, Miss Tiessen along with a couple other faculty members wrote the entire show in the auditorium (I still remember the lyrics to one 'hillbilly' song we sang: "We're the Hawks, from Pruning Forks. We have lots of fun together; Whenever anyone is feeling blue, We uncork our jug of happiness dew!)" Almost all of my PV teachers participated in the fundraising for Valley Varieties all 4 years that I attended PVHS. And one closing PV faculty 'narrative:' Since I was in classes taught by Mr. Kean (Science) and Miss Aylsworth (English), I took notes back & forth between those two teachers -- just like 'our Miss Brooks' and Mr. Boynton -- unlike those two tv characters, however, PV's English teacher and Science teacher became "MR. & MRS. KEAN before I graduated! Wish I had kept a diary as so many more PV golden memories would be available for reporting, I'm sure. Marion (Douma) Start W.P., NJ